New Riders of Calamity


New Riders of Calamity? It
was bound to happen. If
you want to see a
passionate band with some
that is shocked when you
request Wagon Bleeping
Wheel, but goes ahead
and raps it with new lyrics
about the state of requests
NROC might be your new
favorite band.

Made up of 4 Cape Fearians
of wildly differing backgrounds
who find common ground
bringing rock and roll to the
people, New Riders features
Jeff Hunnicutt (of Shine fame)
on live and electronic drums,
longtime ILM bassist Joan
Travis, singer/guitarist Britt
Gentry, and the iconic
wak-rapping guitar-slinging
front-woman Laura McLean.

The material is all cerebral
verses and tasty guitars,
whipping out old surprises
and deep cut covers to round
out the sets. Backbeat, audio
treat, sumpn for the head and

Southern Surfadelic!


Still apropo after all these months!!
Treat yourself to some.

The solid low end of a 1980's
cherry Yairi acoustic and twin
GnL left/right panned electrics
lay the foundation for
ELLIGUITAR, Laura McLean's
latest musical offering. Covering
the ground of a whole band
one minute and a tiny stark
soul the next, the contrasted
guitars lay a true-life backdrop
for a dozen songs ripped from
the hoods and cyber-hearths
of today.  Strong vocals,
voicing the thoughts of many.
Melodic and powerful.

Hear it!

El's new disc is chock-full of
sweet guitar riffs and time-relevant
Tap your toes and zap your woes
with this AAA offering of classic
folk-rock inspiration.
It hits home.


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